Tony Moly Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Mask


Tony Moly does not lie... this is intense! But in the most surprisingly sublime way. Sleeping Masks are generally designed to be applied on top of your usual moisturiser before sleep and I've found this is the best way to get optimum results. 

Apply generously and you're sure to wake up with soft, plump divine skin. My skin is combination and has a tendency to get a little dry in the cold weather/change of seasons/central heating/air conditioning etc but this wonderful find has been tested under all of the above conditions, and has not only prevented drying but actually makes my skin luscious. 

It also claims to be a whitener which we in the West hardly desire but this actually means it may even out any pigmentation and/or acne scarring. I use this cream once maybe twice a week (anymore is not advised) and I can say I've noticed an improvement in the evenness of my skin tone but my cheekbone beauty spot and slight freckles are still intact so I'm happy to say no whitening or fading.

*Top Recommendation*

*Cruelty Free*


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