Etude House

Etude House

March 13, 2018

One of the secrets to Korean skin care is to apply as little make up as possible because it all comes down to the care you have given your skin beforehand. The time you spend truly caring for your skin will mean less time actually applying products to fix the way it looks.

That’s what Etude House wants for everyone, not only a skin care that makes your skin radiant but also that is simple and cuts time in actually getting ready. Spending time on your skin doesn’t have to mean an overly complicated skin care routine that takes hours and that’s what Etude House is trying to fight. You can look radiant with simple steps as long as your skin care truly fits your needs and that you are willing to put in a little elbow grease in the process.

The Etude House products are simple products that can be applied once a day in order to not just refresh your skin but also keep it looking young and vibrant. Etude House has an extensive range of products but At Seraphina Seoul we have chosen a select few of the best tried ad tested in house. Their Moistfull Collagen range coupled with their Berry AHA Sleeping Pack is likely to revolutionise your skin care routine.

Some girls who have oily skin want to stay away from anything that has the word moisture in it but there is no need to stay away from the Etude House products as they seek to moisturise your face without making you feel oily. If you are still scared because of your natural oily skin then maybe trying the sleep treatment and toner will convince you that while these products can work just as well for you as for any other skin type.

Etude House is Korean skin care made simple that anyone can enjoy and who doesn’t want to take advantage of something like that?

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